When a young mind displays exceptional smartness, everyone runs forward to take credit. However, if the same young mind exhibits negative behaviour, everyone tries to wash their hands off anything to do with them. From leading entrepreneur awards, latest research findings to game addiction and internet challenges madness, almost all the news around us revolves around the pre-college and the college generation. Some of the most important factors, which hardwired their thinking, are family setup, financial status and external influencing factors like society and its growing needs.



In negativity, creating popularity is a key. People behind the scenes are utilizing the overflowing social media trend to influence the youngsters. Plans are created silently in the name of games, some of which even tempt to suicide. Internet challenges which look exciting but spoils your life values.

I have no idea how these Internet challenges spring up out of nowhere. At the start of adolescence, kids consider it a social necessity to prove themselves in front of others. Even though few challenges are created with good cause of fund raising and propagating awareness, they do not become as prevalent as the life threatening challenges do. Many youngsters are feeling lonely even if they have family and friends around. They feel there is a big gap between their thoughts and those of the people close to them. When they start to sense the loneliness, they try to engage more into exciting activities to keep themselves busy. Due to wide range of choices and availability, internet activities becomes the best way to deal with such loneliness. Their search for excitement in life is satisfied when they take part in such challenges.

All the internet challenges and games looks soothing to the lonely mindset. However, the truth is far from that. Youngsters are increasingly getting addicted to those and getting more and more isolated from the mainstream society. The game or application, which helped in loneliness, makes you lonelier in the end. Slowly the stress related to feeling lonely increases and such minds then easily slip into depression.

Earlier challenges were created with motives like organizing a group activity, creating awareness and helping others. Later they took a different shape and challenges were created for fun and entertainment. However, currently these so-called challenges have taken a drastic turn and are becoming a risky proposition to the society. With enormous energy, youngsters love to do things, which are very risky. Some unknown persons are negatively manipulating this energy. Motive behind such negative manipulators may be very dangerous. Inducing negative energy and spreading that among a young generation will lead to destruction of a good social setup.

Every one of us should think and act on these online challenges in a proper way. People should not take up the challenges just because it gives momentary excitement. Rational behaviour and family support goes hand in hand. Loneliness and depression needs to be addressed before it affects the inner thought of youngsters in a way that makes them difficult to turn back.