Self-determination, confidence and being strong is empowerment. Self-empowerment and professional empowerment are major forms of empowerment.

Women empowerment is a recent trending word. Everyone talks about gender diversity at workplace, women ratio in politics, women inclusion in sports and defence. Keeping all that aside, in practical day-to-day life, do women feel empowered? There are lot of customs around us, which deny the women empowerment. When it comes to women empowerment, we only think about the scores of supposedly illiterate women and consider them as not empowered. We will discuss about empowerment in the context of women who are exposed to education and latest in technology.

As a girl, do you feel that you are empowered? This question every one of us should ask ourselves. Contrary to popular opinion, this word does not belong only to working women. Are you strong and self-sufficient to take your own decisions? Are you having freedom to talk about relationships, culture, politics, economics, and sports related topics in your family and friends circle?

Do parents teach girls about the importance of empowerment since childhood?Answer is yes to only some extent. It is contingent on society norms not being broken. This habit pulls down girls in many places from voicing out their opinion. They always assume that talking in office meetings or in public may brand them as coming from bad family background. In few families, parents themselves teach girls to accede to in-laws even if they are wrong, for the sake of family well being. Parents advise girls to keep silent even if there is any dispute in workplace. These advices are fed in from very small age, which strongly gets into girl’s consciousness.

Advising children about family values are important and healthy habit. However, asking girls to keep silent even for wrong things teaches them negative mindset. When women want to question someone, they get self-doubt. At times, it leads to inferior feeling in front of others.

Education helps to improve self-confidence. In addition, it supports in the matters of working and earning like men.  However, having a degree and earning in lakhs does not make a girl empowered in a society where women are not allowed to take decision owing to untold norms or emotional pull down. In some cases, even employed women are not financially independent. Let us not confuse between women who like to discuss with all in family on financial matters before expenses with women who are questionable even for unavoidable expenses.

Feminism and empowerment is not all about changing to modern dress. Not only men even many women misunderstand that feminism is a word, which works against men. Strong men and women always understand and stand for it. Feminism is construed to be positive discrimination towards women; rather it is about equality of gender and creation of a strong willed society.

It is very important for the society to have empowered women in it. Women empowerment is an essential component in any country’s sustainable growth and development. Gender inequality cannot be addressed without women empowerment. Even if known to all, many are afraid to slip away from the social norms, which are unofficially setup for the women.

How our society is challenging women who want to be empowered is very shocking. The recent survey results on how women are exploited through growing internet usage are looks so bothering.

How to become empowered women – stand up for yourself always. Please ignore people who always relate negativity and women. When you can’t accept what others are forcing on you, learn to say no. Don’t compare your physical look with other women. Most importantly, please do not forget that you do deserve respect from everyone.


“There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on only one wing.” – Swami Vivekananda