When I started writing on this topic first thing came to mind is, do I need to first explain who those rural background freshers are. Many people from city cannot believe the emotional state of a rural fresher. It is not their fault because they have neither experienced nor imagined such things. These days employment itself is a big achievement so nobody has time to think about all these. It is time to understand few hidden emotional states of those freshers.

There is a huge competition out there in colleges for placements. At times, too many people competing leads to tough recruitment. Colleges prepare their students from first year of graduation itself for the placement in the final year. It is an employment race. In such race how students from rural background prepare to compete with their fellow students – big question mark. For them preparation is not only technology oriented. They have tough time including social interaction. Even if they have good skills, they get self-doubt just by looking at how urban crowd talk or dress. It takes lot of experiences for them to realize look is not the only factor behind being self-confident.

Many villages these days are at par with cities in terms of most of the facilities. However, students are not exposed to much social interactions other than few sports activities. In many scenarios, those students are good at languages, still not confident about their communication. Even though they have good academic achievements, when they are put alongside urban crowd, their emotional state goes through lot of conflicts.

When a fresher comes to join a multinational company, there are lot of programs to make them understand the organization structure and working style. They are given grand welcome while joining. However, when it comes to the factor of emotional well-being, not much importance is given as part of the induction training. It is not only about rural and urban, it is about different culture based people. Students who come from a multi-cultural college background are better at managing themselves inside, on the first day of the office too. Mostly companies allot batches for further technical training. They all have to spend few months in a learning environment. In such scenarios, rural background set of people will mostly be seen in a separate group. They form a small friends group with people from similar environment. They will interact among themselves to avoid facing others.

When it comes to being accommodated with all the others in the organization, it is still not an easy thing. At times experienced people also take more time to interact with all when they change their organization. Rural area freshers are having mental health issues like depression, anxieties about making new friends, coping with training, finding good place to stay and panic disorder. At this stage, it is very important to concentrate on student to employee state of mind. Fellow fresher friends solve many of these things. Many young people these days are friendly in nature and give helping hand to those isolated freshers. They try to talk more and bridge the gap among themselves. These might help up to some extent. Still they may need few sessions on self-confidence and self-esteem.

They just have to realize that self-belief and performance matters whether they are from rural or urban background.  Organizations select candidates based on their knowledge and skills. Freshers should realize that they got offer for their skills and not let their anxieties overpower their knowledge.