Men say it is very tough to understand girls and they do not express anything and want to be understood. I somehow do not share this view. Men are often closed personalities. They generally do not share their state of mind with anyone.

The societal setup in which we are all growing up has a different set of rules for boys and girls in same house in terms of emotional well-being. Boys should not cry; Boys should not share their personal issues even with closest of friends; Sharing may be considered as weakness; Boys should be dominating and assertive. These statements may be glorifying until school days or may be until college. However, once they reach adulthood, they struggle between reality and what was taught to them at home.

Over loading men with responsibilities is very common around us. Since they are born, they are taught to be responsible. Slowly they assume most of the responsibilities in the family and start to work towards fulfilling them. At times, they forget the sense of being self and thinking only for others in the family. This might look like a sacrifice in the front but it has lot of impacts within themselves. They are increasingly stressed, depressed and anxieties grow within. It leads to anger, aggressiveness, low sexual drive, headache, stomach ache, low immunity, social withdrawal, worrying too much, negative thinking and sleep disorders.

Economic status is a major cause of stress for men. When they struggle to control their financial standards, they start to have self-doubt, which leads to issues like becoming temperamental, being violent towards family, becoming drug addicted. Unemployment, increasing debt on credit card, home loans, property sharing issues, not having enough retirement bonus, and other debts are the main factors to have high blood pressure, heart issues and suicidal thoughts. Some are even getting trapped into antisocial activities like robbery and murder.

Unclear job roles, job insecurity, long working hours, inflexible work hours, heavy work load, constant expectation to produce high performance and burnout are the monsters in front a man at work place. They get less time to interact with family and friends. This increases the stress. All men want an ideal job, which has a high income, good respect at work place, enough leaves and great work life balance.

Sexual relationship is another factor, which creates stress for men. Cultural setup, financial status and marital status are influencing the same. They do not talk to anyone on this and the resulting stress keeps building inside. Our cultural setup does not give any space to discuss. Few men feel uncomfortable to discuss sex even with their partners. This leads to unsatisfied relationship most of the time.

Almost all the men expect a woman by their side who love him for being himself, trust him in life’s difficulties; appreciate his humour, committed to him and feels that he is attractive. When the men are forced to be convinced on any of the above qualities, their acceptance may be a question mark. When the emotional flow of thoughts is not channelled properly, it leads to depression or antisocial behaviours.

Do not forget on the fact that men can cry. There is no crime in men crying when required. Share your state of mind with close ones. They will not call it out as your weakness; instead, they will stand by you. Try to have better eating habits, never skip your breakfast how much of a rush you are in. Try to forgive people, this gives you relaxation and it becomes easy to move on in life. Try to have proper sleeping habits.

To handle stress and depression, try to talk it out.