Habitually if you are preoccupied with a bunch of unwanted thoughts, how to attain quiet mind?

You can overpower your unwanted thoughts when you identify them. Predominantly unwanted thoughts are because of fear of failure, fear of disapproval and because of setting up unrealistic high standards for yourself. Most of your thinking comes to you automatically without your awareness or permission. Thats the problem. Occasionally, you may feel like having an ON-OFF switch to handle such thoughts. But we don’t have one.


Some of you are saying out there that you will not think about unwanted things anymore. This rarely works. Research and studies say that the below techniques might help you handle your unwanted thoughts.

  • Write down all your unwanted thoughts
  • Think of pleasant replacement thoughts
  • Take some slow , deep breaths
  • Try to distract yourself in effective way
  • Take a long warm bath
  • Find a place with no disturbance for few minutes, think of a image, scene and memory that relaxes you. Continue this for few minutes.
  • There is a connection between smell and mood as per research. An aroma like freshly brewed coffee, freshly baked food can give refreshing feel. Keep such things around
  • Regular Meditation

Try out some of the above and have a peaceful quiet mind.