Our app

mindact app is now available on Play Store for free.

App with all in one place about mental health.

Through this app, we aim to provide a one stop solution for people who need to relax. We take minimal user input via personality tests and mood checks. Based on the same, the app lets the user watch his behavioral pattern through graphs and scores. The app also provides suggestions for better mental health.

We also have stress busting games delivered via spinning wheel. The games will be refreshed on regular basis without the need to update the app. We also link the user to our blog on this website. We provide positivity status quotes which will also be regularly refreshed without an app update.

There is a section which gives preliminary details about psychology and counselling.

7 questionnaires each related to different aspects of mental health – anxiety, anger management, job satisfaction, relationship management, stress management, emotional intelligence, depression are available under personality test.

Mood tracking is done with the help of food, sleep and mood patterns.

Helpful and insightful statistics from the app will make it easy to understand your behavior patterns.

There are tips to relax and stress buster games which will help you focus more and increase your mindfulness.

This app is available across all the countries.

App is available for all kind of users above 18 of age.

This app is not meant to be used as an alternate for mental health counselling. The results from the app could be used as pointers while consulting a mental health specialist if you wish.

To download the app: