“Every house needs a grandmother in it.” – Louisa May Alcott

Grandparents are a source of unconditional love, kindness, lessons in life and lot of experience to learn from. There are theories which says kids brought up by their grandparents are love spoilt. In few families that may be the scenario. Although abundant love spoils, there are fun filled moments with grandparents around. Nobody can do for kids what they do.

We inherit many values from grandparents unknowingly. I have never seen my parents read books. Still I read a lot. When I think about how, it did not take much time to figure out the reason. Even though she was mostly busy at the farm, my grandma always made time to read me historical stories when I was a kid. These days it’s very rare to see fun loving grandparents around. Sometimes they don’t like to stay along because of the monotony of the city life. Even if they stay along, mostly they play the role of parents. They help with chores like cooking for school, helping in home work as both parents work. In some families, grandparents also work.

I wonder whether kids these days are having enough time with grandparents. If this goes on, what about our future generations. Will they see grandparents like guests? Unimaginable situation.