Knowledge sharing and mental health are very connected topics. Interpersonal trust is the key when it comes to knowledge sharing.

People feel isolated in terms of knowledge even when they are surrounded with all the digital modes of accessing knowledge.

When an employee needs an information of their own organization’s previous project, he/she needs to struggle a lot to find the right person to reach. In such cases, it creates immense stress to employee and this leads to give up their search.

People find it very difficult to share their knowledge when it comes to work place.

Knowledge hiding is the very common theme among employees. It happens more among senior employees. The same senior employees don’t find any threat in sharing their knowledge with juniors. Knowledge hiding creates work place tension which is an invisible monster. Employees may get self-doubt when they get to know that the other person is willingly hiding the knowledge.

Employees don’t share knowledge due to various reasons like,

  • Insecurity
  • Fear of losing job

You may think that why employees are not taking the help from the knowledge management repository. It all depends on the value of the repository. How well it is managed and how well the process is being followed in that particular organization.

When it comes to organization’s knowledge management, work culture plays an important role along with employees’ personality and behavior. When a person decides not to share knowledge, they act like they don’t know, they commit a timeline to share but create excuses to avoid sharing.

Many people share knowledge only when,

  • they are given motivation
  • they know that they are doing unique job

Employee might share knowledge for various reasons. All those reasons are connected with personality. The general motives are,

  • to help others and that shows the person is having a great energy
  • to impress by looking good in front of others
  • to feel good as the person wants some emotional satisfaction
  • to persuade another person and getting your tough project done
  • to join with group of employees who have similar views about lifestyle

Knowledge sharing is very positive for a person’s mental health. It gives lot of new confidence to share the knowledge. Self-worth will be felt in good way. Also,

  • helps to remember things better
  • skills improvement
  • creativity
  • more innovation
  • better performance as a team

Let your positivity and self-esteem stay strong by sharing more knowledge!