When you are deeply upset and frustrated; if someone says ‘Don’t search for happiness elsewhere, its inside you’, How would you feel?

Happiness these days is a search subject for everyone. Don’t try to think hard on how to make yourself happy. The more you think, the more frustrated you will end up being. Most of the times, you are unable to show your anger on right place because you don’t know how to convey. So you decide to keep quiet. This accumulated anger and depression comes out; the moment you enter home. Your family becomes the unintended victim.

You know how your family becomes victim of your bad mood. Even you may feel guilty and helpless about the same. Don’t procrastinate about handling your bad mood. Instead think on the ways to keep yourself relaxed and happy. Let me tell you about a trick which helps me.


Photo frames; a lovely way to keep yourself refreshed.

Try to hang the frames on a wall in such way that it will be facing you when you sit. Don’t overdo by hanging too many photos. It will dilute the purpose of it all.

It’s important to choose which photos to be framed. Try to select photos of your good moments like adventurous trip, family get-together, fun trip with friends and some random clicks. Avoid photos which were taken for the purpose of framing. The photos you select should be full of happy stories.

The moment you enter home, grab a cup of coffee and sit on the chair facing the photo frames. Spend a few minutes drinking and don’t rush yourself. Happy moments will rekindle a smile within you. Good memories are the treasure of our lifetime. Now you are ready to spend the rest of your day afresh.