Confession is nothing but an autobiography of a situation. It is not necessary for confessions to refer always to wrong doings.  Paul Wilkes says confession is a pillar of mental health. When you are truthful to people around you with no dark secrets then it makes you feel more relaxed. There are some religious confessions, we are not discussing on that. Always writing up your deepest feelings on any bad experiences gives more strength. People should be true to themselves when they make such confessions.

Confessions are so helpful for better mental health. No difference of opinion on that. My concern over here is how social media confessions are misleading young people. As per Wikipedia, anonymous confessions became viral online around year 2012. And these online confession pages initially were mostly used by Indians, Americans and Great Britain. However now it has spread all over the world among the youngsters. This trend is not only in urban area, it is now making way into many rural areas too.

The purpose of social media confessions is to share their emotions and troubles anonymously in their community. Many college and school students from different countries use this to ask for help on their studies and some affairs. When a person feels uncomfortable to talk on topics then they use confession page to talk without disclosing their identity. For every institution from schools to IT companies, there are several confessions pages available online in recent years.

The truthfulness of confession and to what extent people say their original emotions are extremely important. Many people just simply read through confessions page and connect to their similar situations. And that’s where the hidden problems start to affect their decision making. Because many people online, try to do partial confessions or half true – half imagination confessions, but the readers may not think that way. These kinds of confessions are worse off than not confessing.

There are people who come to confessions page just to read stories of other people. They just consider this as entertainment and not affected by the stories and people suggestions. In this case, person should not become addicted to read every minute some confessions leaving aside their work. Some people who respect confession pages are having a clear mindset and don’t mind even if they read few imaginary confessions. If a person starts to implement confession pages in real life without any secondary thoughts, then they are trapped.

Few youngsters are confused between real confessions and counselling. People expect mental health counseling through confession mediums. You should always remember that you are sharing your dark secrets on an open page and suggestions will come from unknown people. If you blindly follow those suggestions, then it will not help you. Instead it will push you towards more stress. Even if you say that I’m a strong person and these mediums can’t influence me then it’s a lie that you tell yourself. These suggestions make indirect influence on your decision making.

You should use confession mediums wisely. Keep in mind, not to let unknown internet friend take decision for your personal problems. Every confession is unique due to its situation and person. Similar solutions may not be completely fitting for yours. Few people tell me these days, when they are too much confused about any decision making then they search online for similar problem and its solution. This is more alarming to know how decision making and personal space is influenced by confession mediums.

There are few serious hidden dangers in open confessions. Cyber bullying becomes easy through these online confession mediums. Many people create fake IDs and spread some sad stories. They pretend it to be their own story. Their only aim is to bother others by making people feel guilty and low.

 In some pages, depressed people post more on suicidal thoughts and many other people get depressed reading such confessions. These days some people openly disclose the person name full or person name with a ** in middle which is clearer on the confessions page. Everyone including family, friends and colleagues have access to those confession pages. When they see the names, they try to map unwanted things together and end up in stress.

Please be conscious on confessions when it is made openly. Take good care of your mental health.