Toxic relationship – mostly correlated with romantic relationships by many of us. That’s not the case always. Before getting into what is toxic relationship, we should understand the fact that this may exists in any relationship like between any family members, between coworkers in work place or among friends.

Toxic relationships are invisible always. It takes longer time to understand whether a relationship is toxic. When a person finds no happiness and most of the time feeling sad, angry with any relationship then that’s the start of a toxic relationship.

A relationship may be very disturbing even without any physical violence. If you feel so, then there is nothing wrong with your thoughts.  Emotional and psychological aspect of relationship is very important to move forward. When there is an issue with that, it’s time to understand why and how to repair it.

Toxic relationships revolve around insecurity, dominance, selfishness, distrust, disrespect, jealousy and negativity.

You are responsible for your life. This is common statement given by everyone around us. Sometime you may feel that you are doing everything you could, but there is no hope in relationship. This may be one of the signs of toxic relationship. Apart from this, there are other signs as well.

  • You may feel bad all the time
  • You may stop saying what you need because there is no point in telling
  • You feel that all the compromise comes only from you
  • Physical abuse
  • Receiving consistent lies just to get away from that particular situation
  • Feeling drained
  • Lack of trust
  • You may feel hostile atmosphere even with known people around
  • Receiving constant judgments over everything you do
  • Surrounded by full of negative energy
  • Lack of communication
  • Facing continuous disrespect
  • Mutual avoidance from both sides
  • You feel that your daily life is only filled with criticism
  • Other person always brings out the worst of you over your good side
  • You may face abusive languages even during normal conversation

All the above may not sound life threatening when we see it one point at a time. However, it is very dangerous when left without addressing. It may create huge depression, anxiety and even feeling suicidal in worst situations.

“Love should never cost you your peace. It should never cost you your joy. It should never cost you your happiness,” Gamble says. “If there’s more negative in the situation than positive, something has to change.”

Toxic relationships are created by lack of empathy. Always thinking from one side, and not seeing from the perspective of the other person in the relationship.

No need to panic when you realize that you are facing such thing. There are lot of ways to fix every toxic relationship. However, it is workable only when both involved are interested in sorting out the issues.

Willingness to invest your time and emotion is the first step in solving toxic relationships.

Sometimes you can get help from trusted family members or friends to solve your issues. If required, you can contact a psychology counselor who can assist you. Never stop expressing your feelings. Take your own time to think and make a better decision on how to deal with toxic relationships. Try to surround yourself with positive people always. Try to accept some of the responsibilities. Try to shift thoughts from blaming to understanding. Never do any re-engineering about the past when you sit for a betterment of the relationship.

Practice healthy communication. Most importantly you need your own time to heal individually. Also give space for the other person to heal individually too.