mindact started with a post called my first blog post in July 2018. Its been six months with nineteen posts.  I tried to write posts on topics like emotional stability at workplace, the blame game which people play, peace of mind, anger managing tips, time management methods. For a change posted one about a psychological point of view of a movie. And few posts on relationship like how grand parents influence kids. Then about the magic of photo frames, job satisfaction, mental health at work place, importance of sports psychology, how to understand and react to micro management, victims of Indian arranged love marriages, emotional state of a corporate bench employee, psychology of a man, important of soft skills at workplace, impact of long commute on mental health and the last one for the year 2018 was reasons behind showing off.

Your feedback is the catalyst to write more. Thank you for continue reading posts on mindact.

Let go off the bad moments. Make your decisions strong and clear. Try to do things which are giving  you satisfaction and happiness.  Let all your good wishes come true.

mindact wishes you very happy new year 2019.