I am happy that you are taking the first step towards a better understanding of psychology and taking a step closer to a clearer mental state.

What is Psychology... It is a scientific study of human mind and behavior. It is studied under various disciplines like Developmental, Cognitive, Forensic, Social, etc. It is a part of our daily life. It's there in everything we do and talk. It can't be separated from us.

Why does a pervasive fear exist in our society about the word - Psychology? Upon mentioning to my near and dear ones that I will be studying psychology when I had a well paying IT job with my engineering degree, I did not sense much enthusiasm among anyone. It's not because they don't care. It's because the fear of psychology.

A psychologist or a counselor is not a mind reader, rather an enabler for a better understanding of your actions and decisions. A common misconception is that to talk to a counselor, there is a need to step into a hospital. On the contrary, they can be also be contacted on mobile/online for any help. I understand that in our cultural set up, people fear trusting a third person to discuss about their personal issues and always ponder if their mind would be unknowingly influenced. This is far from the truth. To avoid such mix-up, there will be some ice-breakers before the actual discussion.


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